FAQ – Payment & accounts

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 08-13 12 10 or email us at: flinks@flinks.se

How do I open an account with you?

Read more about how to become a Flinks account customer here

Become a customer – account application

Do I have to apply for an account?

Yes, we need a signature from your company signatory/signatories. You can fax or post your application, or scan it and email it to us.

Account application

What is a credit limit? 

It is the amount  of credit including VAT that you require and that we assess that we can grant you. This assessment is made after the usual credit check. For example: If you have a limit of SEK 10,000 and you are invoiced for purchases of SEK 6,000 (including VAT), then you have SEK 4,000 (including VAT) left to spend until you have paid the invoice for SEK 6,000. 

How can I increase my limit? 
Contact our accounts department on 08-13 12 10. 

Can I decide who can purchase products using my account? 

The person responsible for the account at the company holding the account decides who can use it to make purchases. If only certain employees are to be allowed to use the account, we can offer that service. Contact our accounts department and we will help you set this up. 

How can I add an employee onto the company’s account? 

Contact our accounts department. 

Can I restrict which products my employees are allowed to buy? 

Yes, we can block certain products or ranges from the account. 

How do I get a login for the Webshop (web account)?

In order to get a login for the Flinks Webshop and be able to order products, see prices, stock levels, your account history, etc. your company first must be a Flinks account customer. If your company is not a customer you will need to apply for an account. If your company is already a Flinks account customer, you can apply for a login. We will email you your login details a day or so later. If you want to shop right away, call us after completing the message box and we will will help you. Remember that the login is personal. If you want more than one person in the company to have a login, each must have their own login.

Login to web account


Do you sell gift vouchers?  

Yes. Please contact our accounts department and we will arrange this. Call 08-13 12 10. 

Can I use cash and cards in the stores?  

We can invoice our customers, but we also take cash and cards. We accept Mastercard, VISA and American Express.  

When will I get my annual bonus? 

You get your annual bonus in February of the year after the year the items were purchased, provided that you have reached the anual bonus. You can read more here.  

How do I get my annual bonus? 

For credit accounts the bonus is given as a credit note that you can use against other invoices. For cash bonus accounts the bonus arrives in the form of a cash bonus cheque that can be used as payment in the stores. 

I have received a credit note – what do I do? 

If you have received a credit note from Flinks, e.g. after returning an item or as your annual bonus, you can deduct the amount of the credit note when paying an invoice (debit invoice). 

I have received a reminder, but I didn’t get the invoice. 

If you need a copy of the invoice, email us at ekonomi@flinks.se stating the invoice concerned. 

Do you offer e-billing? 

We can email you your invoices as a PDF file. For large invoice volumes we can also offer EDI invoicing. Contact our accounts department on 08-13 12 10 for further information.