General terms and conditions of sale

These terms apply to quotations and sales to professional enterprises. As recommended by The Association of Swedish Building Materials and Hardware Merchants

1. Offer
Prices stated in the offer are subject to price changes by suppliers which occur after the printout date of the quotation and before the delivery date.

2 Order and order acknowledgement
If the reply accepting the offer deviates from the offer made as a result of additions, restrictions or reservations, the terms offered by the vendor shall apply until the vendor has approved such deviation in writing.

3 Confidentiality
Offers, order acknowledgements and documents included therein such as prices, price lists or other information of a technical or financial nature may not be reproduced or otherwise disclosed to third parties.

4 Price for cash sales and account sales
Unless otherwise agreed, the price on the delivery date shall apply. Price information provided refers to prices excluding VAT.

5 Delivery, insurance, packaging
Delivery terms are free vendor’s warehouse. Any insurance and packaging will be charged in addition to the price for the goods. Any shipping will be at the shipping rate applied by the vendor.

6 Receipt of the goods
On arrival of the goods the purchaser shall carry out checks including checking against the delivery note and checking for visible damage.

7 Once the goods have been unpacked or otherwise before the goods are used, the goods are to be checked with the care appropriate to the nature of the goods.

8 Notification of faults or shortages
Visible damage to goods or goods shortages that may be assumed to have arisen during shipping are to be notified to the shipping company straight away and noted on the delivery note when signing for the goods. In addition, the vendor shall be informed immediately.

9 Faults or shortages that become apparent when goods are checked following receipt are to be notified within 10 working days of receipt of the goods and before the goods are used.

10 If a fault or shortage that was discovered or ought to have been discovered is not notified by the purchaser within the prescribed period, the right to make a claim in respect of this is forfeited.

11 The notification is to be made in writing and must contain details of the nature of the fault and its approximate extent or the amount by which the delivery is short.

12 The vendor shall be entitled to remedy the fault or replace faulty goods with acceptable goods within a reasonable period, with no further obligation to pay compensation. The purchaser shall not be entitled to cancel the purchase or to claim compensation for losses caused by faults or delayed delivery unless the loss was due to gross negligence on the part of the vendor.

13 Credit for returned goods
If non-faulty goods that have been supplied are returned, the purchaser will be credited with the invoice value less 20% unless otherwise agreed. In addition, the purchaser is obliged to compensate the vendor for any shipping costs and costs of damaged goods. Goods not forming part of the range stocked by the vendor will be credited only if the vendor’s supplier accepts the return. Returns must be accompanied by the vendor’s delivery note, invoice or cash register receipt.

14 Retention of ownership
In the case of goods sold on credit the vendor shall retain ownership until the purchaser has paid for the goods in full. This retention of ownership shall not apply to nails, screws or other consumables, nor to such items as are intended to be used as parts in other products. Among other things, the retention of ownership means that the goods may not be sold on until paid for in full.

15 Payment
If credit has been granted, payment shall be made within 30 days of invoice date. After the due date penalty interest will be charged at 8% above the current reference interest rate. A charge of SEK 45 will be made for each reminder. The goods shall remain the property of the vendor until paid for in full.

16 Marketing
The vendor accepts no liability for marketing by manufacturers/importers/wholesalers.

17 Force majeure
Neither the vendor and purchaser may claim breach of contract against the other party if this party is prevented from meeting its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control, such as labour disputes, war, decisions by authorities or another circumstance not caused by the party that has a material impact on performance of the contract and that the party could not have foreseen. If the contract cannot be performed within a reasonable period because of a circumstance as described above, the party cancelling the contract shall notify the other party in writing.