Become a customer – account application

Flinks account customers can take advantage of our bonus system and can log in to our Webshop. Note: Only companies can become Flinks account customers.

There are two types of account:  Credit Bonus Account – payment against invoice  Cash Bonus Account – payment by card or cash Our loyal account customers get an annual bonus based on our bonus scale. The bonus comes in the form of a credit note or bonus cheque that is sent out in February of the year following that in which the bonus is earned. We think that using Flinks as your main supplier and making all your purchases with us will also save you a great deal of time. Only account customers can get a login for the Flinks Webshop. As well as ordering products, you can see prices, stock levels, your purchase history, etc. When you apply for a Credit Bonus Account we carry out a credit check (credit information). We then tell you the credit limit that we are able to give your company. No credit check is carried out for a Cash Bonus Account.

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Account Application in English Read more about our bonus system


Apply for an account with a mobile BankID (in Swedish)

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