Our only task is to make professional people’s life easier

Flinks cash and carry stores are solely for professionals

Flinks Järn is a family-owned company that was started in Stockholm back in 1907. Today we have five cash and carry outlets in the Greater Stockholm area and one in Norrköping, each 2,500 square metres in area and only for trade professionals. Our product range has 20,000 carefully chosen items with more than 99% delivery reliability. But we don’t just want to supply a wide range of products; we also want you to benefit from our expertise. As we often say, we don't just sell products – we sell solutions. In our stores you will find knowledgeable staff, many with a professional trade background, who provide a good, efficient service to tradespeople. Come and see us and together we will find the best solution for your particular needs. We are open Monday to Friday from 06.00 – 17.00 all year round.  

The Flinks product range is decided by the sales staff on the floor

If you want to know which products make the grade and which don’t, you need to ask the professionals who use them. That's why we want the distance from manufacturer to user to be as short as possible, and it’s why the people you meet in our cash and carry outlets are the same people who decide what products make it into our range – not some purchasing director at an office in Gothenburg or Antwerp. 

Flinks focuses on cost, not price

“What does it cost?” That's what people often ask when choosing a supplier. At Flinks Järn, we think you should be asking a different question: “How much can my supplier save me?” We think it’s more important for you to look at your own time spent, rather than seeking out short-lived special offers. Your own labour is much more expensive than the specific product you buy. The less time you need to spend on finding the right product and transporting it, the more valuable work time you save. We see it as our job to help you lower your overall costs.

Quantity discounts and bonuses

All our customers pay the same price if they buy the same quantity, but we also have two different reward systems. Quantity price: You get a better price if you buy a certain quantity of a product. Annual bonus: By using Flinks as your main supplier, you can earn an annual bonus. Just by spending SEK 20,000 you will earn a bonus of SEK 1000. If you become a customer during the year you still have the same opportunity to earn a bonus, because we then lower the bonus thresholds in proportion to the remaining months of the year. That means that even in your first year you’ll get the bonus you would have got had you been a customer for the whole year. The bonus is paid in the form of a credit note that is sent to you in February of the year following that in which the bonus is earned. Note: Only companies can become Flinks account customers.

If you can rely on your supplier, you'll keep your customers. That is as important to us as it is to you! 


Number of products stocked: 20,000
Store area: 2,500 m² in six locations
Net sales: SEK 330 MSEK 
Number of employees: 100 
CEO: Claes Lundqvist 
Delivery: Four delivery vehicles 
Corporate identity no.: 556267-9232 
Bank giro: 576-1465